Hiring A Business Attorney For A Small Business

Many small businesses ponder over the decision to hire a business attorney while they are still in the start-up phase. Of course, much of the answer will come depending on the nature of the business, but for the majority of small businesses, the answer should be “yes.” An attorney will not only offer advice to the start-up venture but also will ensure the business starts out on a solid foundation.

Some may look at the beginnings of a business as a simple time when the representation of an attorney is not required. For minor routine filings of paperwork, that might be true, but for the initial business transactions or contracts that are necessary to start the business operating, one wrong move can sink a new business almost overnight. The business may be too new to handle the loss that comes from a bad decision. Fortunately, this is one reason it is imperative to have an attorney review any legal agreements, contracts or business transactions prior to signing. The business will only be as solid as what it’s based on, so it is important to lay the groundwork as carefully as possible.

No matter the size, liability is always a factor in a business. From disgruntled employees causing problems to dealing with a breach of contract from a new vendor, there are usually always issues occurring in a business. Knowing the company is legally represented by a familiar attorney that has been involved with the business from the ground up will go a long way alleviating the stress and worry over these all-too-common frustrations.

Allowing an attorney to draft and review contracts and business transactions may help to avoid disputes in the future. There is no doubt that working closely with an attorney will help to keep the business running smoothly. When money is tight and a client refuses to pay what they owe, the attorney can handle the issue, along with any additional policy and procedure changes that must be handled. Additionally, if the time comes to sell the business, the attorney will play an important role in that transaction as well.

Don’t try to go it alone. Involve an attorney in the building of a business from the ground floor up. It will be solid and withstand the struggles it may face and still come out on top.